Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Every Girl’s BFF: The Sweet Summer Dress

Essential to any fashion-lover’s wardrobe is the sweet, light, playful live-and-love-ability of the summer dress. We’re talkin’ major cute points here: they’re super-flexible style choices really for any time of year, because they’re always so easy to dress up or down.

Our fave picks are our own Sail Away with Me Tube Dress and Tea Party at Midnight Dress, check out how the one and only Rashida Jones works it:

Source: Fabsugar

Source: Glamour.com

Your Turn! Browse Around

Picture yourself in one of our comfy cozy prints or solids: we absolutely adore our colorful and affordable girl-frocks we’re featuring at Chez de Kintage...sure to put a “spring” in your step, all summer long. What’s your fave  Kintage Dress of the moment?


  1. Ohh love the Shamrock Shake Dress. I've seen it before & think the color is just so perfect.


  2. Tea Party at Midnight is such a gorgeous dress!