Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY Moccasin Restyle

A warm welcome to Heather who has an adorable blog over at She will be sharing how to make these cute custom moccasins from a moccasin making kit.

Today I'm sharing with you a quick & cheap tutorial on how to make moccasins from a kit and how to make them just a bit cuter!  First you need to pick up a leather moccasin kit, I've seen them online here &here.. but I swooped up mine from Michaels & even used a coupon (grab a craft store coupon here) to score this kit for a little over $7.  The kit comes complete with the parts and instructions to make a basic pair.  Most of you know that I'm not a very basic's kind of gal, so this is where my love of Mod Podge came in handy!

Extra supplies needed besides the kit:
Mod Podge
Fabric of choice

First I cut out a small stencil of the lip of the moccasin on my fabric, I then flipped the fabric over and made a couple points of reference from the cut out holes and made another smaller shape to fit into the portion of the lip that ends up being the top of the shoe.

Next up take the leather tops and inside your holes you will apply a very thin layer of Mod Podge.  If you go to far out it can stain the fabric so only put it where you need it. Then place your material template right side up, press down (taking out any air pockets) and again apply another layer of Mod Podge.  This time you want to keep it thin while still covering completely, and allow to dry.. I let mine sit overnight.  What's great is that you can do this to any pair of shoes you own, just make sure to apply a sealer when finished if you plan on wearing them outside (mine are casual comfy shoes so I'm not to worried)

Waiting for them to dry was probably the hardest part of the entire project, because I'm impatient, everything else was a total breeze because the instructions are provided.


Next up take the tops (that are dry) and start attaching them to the shoe body.  Follow the directions according to the packaging that the moccasins came in.



  1. i've seen this done before, and i reallly want to make a pair of mocs like this. are they comfy? xx

  2. This is an amazing idea, I love the thought that they will be completely unique to you!