Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Fabric Tape

Let's face it, everyone loves cute packaging. Getting a package in the mail is the best, but throw in some adorable packed-with-love packaging? Just amazing.

The great thing about fabric tape is, you can use it for virtually anything and you can customize it with any fabric you want to match any theme or color scheme. I have a ton of fabric scraps at my disposal at any given time and I hate to waste so of course, I hoard them until I think of something neat to do. Enter, fabric tape!

But wait... carpet tape? What is carpet tape? Oh sorry, you don't lay down carpet for a living? I forgot. Just kidding. Go to your local home improvement store and they should have it. We got ours at Home Depot in the same aisle with giant rolls of carpet. Rhino Grip is the brand we got and it was about $8.50 for 75 yards. And it's about 2 inches thick, so if you're looking for thinner tape you can cut your final product in half long-ways and have 150 yards! Done deal.

Now, the fun part. Depending on what type of fabric you have, you'll use one of the two above methods. Both work just fine. I had some strips cut for a project I decided against that happened to be the perfect size. But I also had a thicker piece that I could lay several strips on.

The double sided, yes, make sure you get double sided, carpet tape has paper on both ends and basically just glue in between. No matter what your method, iron your fabric (if it needs it), peel off one side of brown paper and slowly press the sticky side down on your fabric, pressing firmly as you go to prevent bubbling, etc. Then trim if needed. I liked the semi rough edges, so I kept it a little messy, but feel free to keep it neat and trim, too.

Your final product up close. One side fabric, one side backing. When you peel the brown backing off, you'll see the adhesive, which is very sticky. I don't recommend sticking it to anything you don't want to "ruin" because it is pretty strong.

Seriously. I started taping the most random things. Go crazy with it. Let me know if you try it out, I'd love to see the results and what you use it for!

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  1. This is awesome!! Thanks, I really did wonder how people made that stuff :D

    (and I found your site and blog through tophatter)

  2. What a neat idea! Love it.